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Yet for all your subtleties, you have not wisdom
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Yet for all your subtleties, you have not wisdom
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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
Yet for all your subtleties, you have not wisdom
2.8 secs
Archer (2009) - S07E02
When you get your wisdom teeth out
3.4 secs
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
you do not yet realize your importance.
1.7 secs
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)
so haven't i made it obvious yet? am i not too good enough for you? have you gone berzerkerbergs with beryl bonk? can you handle bronking? well no ...
2.2 secs
The Little Mermaid (1989)
Have the baby yet? Not yet.
2.2 secs
The Little Mermaid (1989)
Have the baby yet? Not yet.
2.2 secs
The Little Mermaid (1989)
Have the baby yet?? Not yet.
2.3 secs
The Hunt for Red October (1990)
The turn Captain Not yet
1.6 secs
Lilo & Stitch (2002)
so do you believe the goverment will be ready for new taxes by 2021? yes but beryl bonk and i have not confirmed anything yet.
1.2 secs
Dennis the Menace
yes bokdoloo twosohuglyzoonkboozezoonkerddidkkidalegaylette? have you bozerked all the chipwhitles yet? yes i have bomptop bompweorrlvfoffoakakcamso...
4.1 secs
Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)
You think U.N Owen might have placed the ring? Well maybe Wargrave but i'm not ready to rule anything out yet.
1.1 secs
Teen Titans Go! (2013) - S03E23 Animation
lost your laugh yet granny raelene dear? not yet dear.
1.3 secs
Fleabag (2016) - S01E01
yes we all got over our excuses we made for blockage. yes after all i can get to being your enemy. i'm not there yet, but i can get there.
3.3 secs
Cast Away (2000)
i...have not watched this movie yet.
1.4 secs
Seinfeld (1993) - S08E14 The Van Buren Boys
grandma snell broke her hip and now she dosen't need another one thanks to abraxas and me pension iei jueo ien kwkxm ckskxk were you vanquished by gr...
5.4 secs
West Side Story
When all your friends are off for the summer and you still have to work
2.8 secs
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
We Sought Only Your Infinite Wisdom
3 secs
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)
2.8 secs
Casino (1995) Thriller
When you about to have a dick in your mouth but don't know it yet!!!
2.1 secs
Casino (1995) Thriller
When the smile you have says I'll suck your dick but don't yet know it...
3.3 secs
Elf (2003)
Have You Made Up Your Mind Yet? They Won't Stop Calling
3.3 secs
A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
Listen, All Of You. You've got to have respect for your director All around the world. I've got a plan!
1.4 secs
The Peanuts Movie (2015)
look i got an A+ but that does not mean you slam slap carmelia! afterall she's just trying to help you. ok? ok. ok. jeez! after all i'm not one...
3.9 secs
Game of Thrones (2011) - S03E07
My feelings for you have not changed
3.8 secs
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
Not yet.
1.3 secs
Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015)
2.8 secs
One Day at a Time 2017 (2017) - S01E05 TBA
I’ll give you $500 if you can sing Britney Spears’ I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman. You got 10 seconds to... I’m not a girl, not yet a woman. All I nee...